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1% 1er Outlaw Biker Skull Ring in Sterling Silver 925 1 Percent

1% 1er Outlaw Biker Skull Ring in Sterling Silver 925 1 Percent


A unique design, hand crafted and highly detailed. This ring is made of solid Sterling Silver stamped 925.

The Process

First, the ring is carefully carved out of wax which is then used to form a plaster mold. Next, castings can be made with molten metal, ie. sterling silver and bronze. Then are the final stages of hand polishing and thorough quality checks.


More than two thirds of the world's civilizations use silver, or silver coated coins as money, and a great deal of the remainder do at least a portion of their bartering with silver, which is why wearing silver is said to attract wealth. Silver is said to resonate with the moon and Hippocrates (460 BC to 370 BC) surmised that silver had numerous healing applications and could ward off disease.

About Tarnish

Although silver has a shiny appearance, it is still susceptible to tarnishing. The tarnish is silver sulphide and it forms as the silver reacts with sulphur compounds in the atmosphere. With our signature anti-tarnish sterling alloy this natural process is seriously reduced.

Optional Product Care Note

When taking off your ring after wearing it, wiping it with a piece of clean soft cloth before storing will remove any traces of sebum which may speed up the process of tarnishing.